Vaccine Disparity Hits Home For Many Foreign-Born Doctors

Many U.S. doctors have received their COVID-19 vaccines, but nearly a third are foreign-born with family in countries facing no access to it — a disparity that troubles many as they fight the virus.
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Being Mentored Helps Black Medical Students Face Isolation, Racial Microaggressions

Across the country, fourth-year medical students are preparing to graduate and start their residencies in July. It's been a long journey, especially for some Black students who can face everything from micro aggressions to overt racism.
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Link Between Mental Illness And Mass Violence Is Weak But Stigma Persists

After many mass violence incidents, there is often the speculation that the perpetrator has a mental illness, but research suggests that the link is weaker than publicly perceived. And this repeated association leaves millions of Americans suffering from social backlash.
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Black Patients Less Likely To Receive Diagnostic Imaging At Emergency Departments

Black patients are less likely to receive diagnostic medical imaging during a hospital visit, studies show — and that might lead to a range of health disparities, experts say. X-rays, MRI exams and other imaging are among the first lines of defense in a hospital. If patients are not offered these services in a timely manner, some conditions can go undiagnosed and may result in complications and worse outcomes.
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Amid COVID Crisis, MIS-C Hits Black And Latinx Kids Hard

At Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, Dr. Samina Bhumbra has been receiving calls for help from health centers across the state. Callers describe children with symptoms such as high fever, red eyes, swollen lips and abdominal pain. To Bhumbra, an assistant professor of clinical pediatrics, that can point to a potentially fatal condition known as MIS-C. It’s rare, but appears to be increasing with every COVID surge. Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children has become all too famili

Underground Insulin Markets Are Busy As COVID-19 Hammers Economy

Economic problems caused by COVID-19 hit diabetics especially hard. The American Diabetes Association says about a quarter of people with the disease are tapping savings, loans or stimulus checks to buy insulin. And some are taking big risks to get the life-saving drug. It’s been over six months since Cody Wessel lost his retail job due to the pandemic. He says he’s been terrified “because we are living on the kindness of strangers and kindness from our parents to pay basic bills.”

Transparency crisis in Arab world's non-profit sector

Billions in dollars of donations are solicited each year from the public in the Arab world through expensive television advertisements by non-profit organizations. The causes are noble and much-needed but the public does not have any way to ensure where their donations go. Most of the big non-profits in the Arab world do not make their budgets accessible to the public not even upon request of the donors. The organizations' Pretexts abound, and so do the public's questions and rightful doubts.
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